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joanne-falls-200Recent research has found that programs with the biggest effect on falls included exercises which ain to improve balance and which were ongoing.

As we age, a common problem can be a feeling of general stiffness in the body, a loss of balance and a fear and then a real risk of falls. Falls in the older population can have very serious effects to one's mobility, the most common problem being fractures in the hip.

Our physio pratice can devise a specific exercise program to suit your individual needs that may increase strength work as well as balance routines and can work with you to reduce the fear of falling and give back confidence in your step. Environmental factors in the home can also contribute to the falls risk such as slippery floors, obstructed walkways and halls, and uneven surfaces.

A DVA Homefront service for eligible veterans and war widow(er)s is an assessment of your home and surrounds to identify areas of concern relating to falls, trips and accidents in and around your home. Joanne is a Homefront assessor and information can be given as to applying for this service.