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electrotherapy-machines-300Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy in the treatment of various conditions and health disorders.

It is the application of an electrical current or high frequency sound waves to the body.

Both physiotherapy practices have at their disposal ultrasound therapy, interferential therapy, TENS, Sports TENS, Laser therapy, pressure pump therapy, and EMG.

 Electrotherapy can be used for:

  • Pain management for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction — improvement of strength, improvement of motor control and muscle re-education, reduction of muscle atrophy/wasting, improvment of local blood flow
  • Improvement in the range of joint mobility
  • Tissue repair — enhancing mircocirculation and assist with restoring integrity ocf connective and dermal tissue
  • The therapy of acute and chronic oedema, and to improve lymphatic flow
  • Improvement peripheral blood flow
  • The relaxation of tense or stressed musculature using biofeedback techniques