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Physiotherapy helps to optimise functional ability by using a variety of techniques to help your muscles and joints and nerves work to their full potential.

Physiotherapy can repair damage following injury by speeding up the healing process and reducing stiffness and pain.

Physiotherapists play an important role in maintaining an optimum level of physical conditioning through every phase of life.

A physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment on your first visit, diagnose the problem, and then develop an individual treatment plan that is just for you. An important part of this process is determining your goal for rehabilitation. A physiotherapist can then perform specific treatment modalities, develop exercises and correct any predisposing factors including incorrect techniques or poor posture.

Thoughout the treatment program, the physiotherapist evaluates your progress at regular intervals, modifying treatment and goals when necessary. Whether your goal is returning to gardening or running a marathon, the Nambucca Heads and Stuarts Point physiotherapists can help you move and feel your best!